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I was reading your essay and wondering why we have ADHD in our family since the DNA shows we are from northwestern United Kingdom and Norway. Then it dawned on me that fishing is hunting! My great-great grandmother was a Sami (used to be known as Laplanders) who are herding and hunting people.

I had the same problem with educators not willing to adapt in simple ways and instead tried to change my children in ways that were not possible for them. For instance, one started out loving school and would stand up with his hand up when he was excited. His teacher said that was unacceptable because the students behind him couldn't see. I suggested she move him to the back of the room, but she preferred to give him low conduct grades that made it appear that he was a trouble maker, an identity that stayed with him for many years.

Three of my five sons have the ADHD traits, but two of them weren't diagnosed, they just put them out of school with an accumulating discipline points system that included talking out of turn, tardy, forgetting to complete assignments, etc. Everyone of them scored in the upper ninetieth percentile on standardized tests, but four weren't allowed to finish high school. Two graduated from college while working and raising families. One has a masters in engineering and administration. All are employed.

It was difficult for me to ensure they had self-esteem and were confident in their abilities in spite of the horrible treatment they received from educators. My children remember the good teachers with whom they had good rapport and cared if they learned. This school district, which is middle and working class, still only graduates eighty percent of students twenty five years later. We had honest and good local news when I was growing up, but that dwindled to practically nothing or we might have been able to do something about it.

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So, Hunters/Farmers is also “Good Anthropology”!

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