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This Substack has been very helpful to several of us in our family, despite no clear diagnosis of ADHD. The focus techniques have helped with taming the distractions of modern life.

I have pursued Zen meditation for about a decade and there is a bit of biofeedback that one learns in longer sessions. What I have also learned from some, however, is that the long silent meditations in the Zen or Vipassana traditions are not for everyone. People such as the cases you mentioned in the post may be too traumatized to sit for these longer periods.

There are some tools that are available to help with shorter sessions. Thom mentioned the Muse 2 headset a few weeks ago on his radio show. It provides feedback that is sensed through audio tracks that come through a phone app. It is not the only one on the market so this is no product recommendation. It is something I will be giving a test drive in the next few days as I take three days off from a busy and stressful couple of weeks.

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