My daughter is ADHD in many ways and time has always been an issue for her. Once my wife and I worked out what my daughter’s words “it isn’t now yet” meant, it made everyone life so much easier. We could work with that.

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I aint got no attention deficit disorder, it's an attention excess, but yeah, it is often disordered. Seriously though, I am an incredibly observant person, but that might just come from decades of meditation.

Persistence is one of my more dominate traits although I tend to take a very, very long time to get anything done. Sometimes I think it is because I tend to see everything as a process. Nothing really has a beginning or an end. I'll blame physics and philosophy for that...and maybe Jesus...it was that "heaven is within" thing that served as a koan for me. There is always more than meets the eyes, but that third eye of contemplation has a strange ability to reveal what our two physical eyes cannot perceive.

I read some Voltaire as an adolescent and it left quite the impression that remains stamped upon my soul today. Here is a Voltaire quote that has inspired me for about 45 years now..."No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking".

That was the quote that has inspired me to create https://www.integrativeactivism.com and its companion site, https://liberalcourage.com. Oh dear, looks like a problem with integrative activism. I've had nothing but trouble with the web design company I hired to do that, but I digress.

Here's a quote by Albert Einstein, "I'm not really that much smarter than other people, it's just that I stick with a problem longer than most people". Okay, that's not an exact quote, but it's close. Anyway, I have spent about 20 years to get integrative activism up and running. It still needs a hell of a lot of work. I'm just one guy who has hovered around the poverty line all my life and I hate desk work. I like working with my hands and body often in high risk activities.

So, to pull a few things together...Part of what I'm trying to do is to focus and coordinate people on a plan to amend the US Constitution with the date July 4, 2026 in mind. You can see how I've laid it out..https://www.integrativeactivism.com/7-4-2026/

Goals need a specific achievement date, yes? Or at least they are aided by such, no?

Well, it's that time...oh, I'm behind schedule to walk some dogs. Maybe after that I'll try Thom's exercise

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Forgive me, but I feel compelled to add spatial and kinetic factors into the ADHD calculus.

In my prior comment on the subject I wrote, "an attention excess". Hyper-attentive is tied into kinetic perception or function. So I posit. And I'l attempt to explain...

I write of my personal experience as a thrill-seeker, an enthusiast for edge of control motion. I was an avid mountain biker and then an avid paddler. It is/was the unrelenting flow of concentration into a constantly changing spacial dimension that consumed me. The rivers in particular were the best instructors. While the land was relatively static as I rode the bike, the water was constantly changing with subtle variation. It is an old adage that one can never step into the same river twice.

The point I wish to make is that my attention was intensely focused on the dynamics of a journey, a process, an activity. I imagine that it is the same for many in the ADHD community. H is for hyper. Oh yeah, it's a HYPER FOCUS combined with activity. It's not a disorder though, it's a blessing. And like any blessing in this dualistic existence, a curse as well.

A good paddler always has a paddle blade in the water. It is a discipline of continual adjustments; mostly minor looking ahead to stay in the optimal flow, studying the ebbs and whorls ever-changing in the cross currents for nearly hours at a time. As a "trip leader" one becomes burdened with the responsibilities of duties pertaining to the safety of customers and the performance of other guides and support staff. One's awareness expands as the dynamics never cease changing.

As time flows onward so does the environment change and it this chaos of time, space and their relations that consume awareness for the hunters as they navigate through the halls of consciousness constructed of space and time.

That said, let it be known that consciousness has little merit without conscience.

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